Technology Platform for Consent and Preference Management

OneTrust PreferenceChoice enables companies to drive opt-in demand while demonstrating compliance with 100s of global privacy regulations.

Protect your Marketable Universe

  • OneTrust Solutions Learn List Build customer trust by being transparent with data usage.
  • OneTrust Solutions Learn List Drive opt-in demand with granular preferences across channels.
  • OneTrust Solutions Learn List Build detailed audit trails of engagements and opt-in/outs.
  • OneTrust Solutions Learn List Adhere to 100’s of global privacy regulations.

Deliver Personalized Campaigns While Respecting Consumer Privacy

OneTrust’s PreferenceChoice enables companies to drive opt-in demand while demonstrating compliance with 100s of global privacy regulations. Businesses can implement advanced user interfaces and user experiences across their marketing and sales activities that collect user consent and preferences and sync them across channels for consistency. With OneTrust PreferenceChoice, companies are also able to scan for tracking technologies within websites and mobile apps, automate the fulfillment of consumer rights requests from a single portal, and centrally maintain historical consent records.

Integrations for OneTrust PreferenceChoice

Integrate Omni-Channel Preference Centers and Detailed Consent Records

  • Create custom branded preference centers with advanced user interfaces to improve customer loyalty
  • Reduce global email unsubscribes by offering granular preference options including “opt-down”
  • Integrate OneTrust to maintain accurate preferences and consent details across other IT systems
  • Streamline internal and external audits with complete records of consent in a central database
  • Facilitate “Do Not Sell” or opt-out preference with a “Do Not Sell Personal Information” link for CCPA compliance

Scan Apps to Detect Where Data is Going and Manage Required Consent ​

  • Schedule scans of your mobile app for third-party trackers to understand your apps’ “privacy health”
  • Customize your consent approaches and collect granular, valid consent including “just-in-time” consent options
  • Sync preferences with IT systems for consistency across sales, marketing and business activities
  • Eliminate data siloes using a central consent and preference database with detailed historical records

Scan your Website and Collect Consent with Custom Cookie Banner User Experiences

  • Scan your website against Cookiepedia, the world’s largest database of 7 million pre-categorized cookies
  • Tailor your cookie banner and preference center and give users advanced control over their choices​
  • Generate detailed cookie lists and gain insights into behavior tracking technologies on your website
  • Build an audit trail of detailed records of consent and export visual reports for compliance purposes
  • Use geolocation to display different cookie banners and consent models based on the visitor’s location

Automate Customer Rights Requests from Intake to Fulfillment to Reporting ​

  • Improve intake process by leveraging research-backed request templates or customize your own
  • Auto-assign tasks within your organization by using custom workflows to streamline fulfillment
  • Standardize identity validation and use identity to locate where and how personal data is processed
  • Communicate through a secure web portal while generating detailed records of communication
  • Leverage CCPA-specific response workflows to help your organization respond to requests appropriately

OneTrust PreferenceChoice Products

Drive opt-in demand, demonstrate compliance and protect your marketable universe.


Track centrally and dynamically update across website and apps


Integrate a central preference center to marketing apps with detailed consent records


Scan apps to detect where data is going and manage required consent


Integrate business apps for access, deletion and portability


Scan website and generate consent banner and preference center


Automate the full lifecycle from intake to fulfillment to reporting

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