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Preserve and enrich your first-party data

Gather user data ethically, enhancing customer experiences while prioritizing privacy. Continuously refine profiles, predict behavior for personalized experiences, and maintain comprehensive customer views across systems.

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Realize your first-party data strategy

Disjointed systems, evolving privacy laws, and the deprecation of third-party cookies are just a few of the challenges businesses face when it comes to actioning first-party data. Our Consent and Preferences solution empowers you to build trusted customer relationships by unifying your consent data, giving you a 360° view of your customer profiles.

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Build actionable customer profiles

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Enforce consent across customer journey touchpoints

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Maintain compliance with data privacy regulations

Enhance data integrity and ensure compliance

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Create a centralized consent and preferences experience

Create personalized, branded consent banners with tailored templates for an engaging data capture experience. Empower individuals to control their preferences, optimizing for privacy-first activations throughout the data lifecycle.

  • Create a transparent first-party data collection experience
  • Easily manage, track, and update individual consent preferences
  • Integrate with existing systems for a unified data management approach
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Connect your data governance infrastructure to enforce consent

Integrate your data governance infrastructure seamlessly with your current vendors, platforms, and tools. Eliminate data silos through adaptable connectors, automated workflows, and easy-to-use integrations.


  • Deploy native integrations for comprehensive consent enforcement
  • Utilize robust APIs to manage individual preferences and compliance requirement
  • Leverage third-party signaling to boost trust
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Demonstrate compliance with proof of consent

Gain control over user consent data by tracking, retrieving, and verifying consent details within a centralized platform, all while ensuring the effectiveness of your consent program through A/B testing and real-time monitoring.

  • Maintain accurate consent documentation with timestamped receipts, record of notice, and more
  • Capture audience insights with A/B testing and performance breakdowns for first-party cookie consent opt-in rates

Learn more about how to preserve and enrich your first-party data

Explore our resources below, or request a demo, to learn more about how we can support your first-party data strategy.  


Contemporary marketing strategies no longer hinge on third-party tracking. First-party data collection can positively impact your organization’s marketing strategy by providing valuable insights about preferences, behaviors, and interests, directly from your users. This insight, delivered straight to your customer data platform, enables more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, leading to improved customer engagement and higher conversion rates.

Your data protection and compliance programs need to align with regional regulations like GDPR or CCPA, industry frameworks, and stakeholder expectations. Our regulatory guidance, cookie consent, and preference handling are just a few ways we can support you.

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