Privacy, consent and preferences are key to all things data, and personal data appears across all aspects of a customer’s journey. From learning about a brand to receiving targeted messaging and relevant discounts to taking their first action, it’s important to understand the impact data’s prevalence has on brand perception. As a result, the desire to engage only with brands that respect and protect consumer data is growing – so is the emphasis on trust. Establishing a relationship of trust between the consumer and enterprise is critical to gaining — and retaining — customers, with 70% saying that it’s more important to them than ever before. So, how do you prove your dedication to honoring privacy and establishing trust? Prioritize consent and preference management across marketing and advertising activities.  

Learn more about the importance of consent and preference management. 

Understand and Adapt to Industry Shifts 

As the importance of responsible data management continues to amplify in the privacy space, organizations need to adapt to and uphold consent and preference management expectations. Prioritizing consent and preference management can be approached from many angles, but always boils down to one key value: trust. Trust is influenced across many aspects of the organization, like proactive incident management and C-level strategy, but as marketers and advertisers, your team’s influence comes down to trustworthy data capture and management. Contributing factors to trust-based data management look like: 

  • Establishment of a marketing-consented database 
  • Centralization of consent details and customer data 
  • Implementation of protective measures and controls across the database 
  • Customer accessibility to their own data 
  • Synchronization of choices across MarTech/AdTech stack  
  • Compliance with regulations, standards, and frameworks 
  • As your organization begins to initiate a stronger relationship of trust with the end-user, it’s important to build a program that takes each factor into consideration.  

Address Evolving Consumer Expectations Around Consent and Preference Management

Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned with protecting their personal data. Additionally, customers also demand more personalized experiences. This creates a challenge for marketers, advertisers and publishers to respect their customers’ privacy while also driving opt-ins, marketing consent, and preferences, collecting first-party data and delivering compelling user experiences. How do you balance it all?  

OneTrust provides the toolset for marketers and advertisers to bring privacy and personalization together through transparency, choice, and trust. Download the infographic to learn more. 

Transparent Consent and Preference Management

Help customers understand the data that you hold on them, how you may collect additional personal data, and the policies and procedures in place to protect that data. 

Educate and Empower Customers

Go beyond transparency to provide customers with control of their personal information – allowing them to not only understand your policies and the data held but to act if desired. 

  • Explain the benefits of sharing data & preferences to the end-user. Drive home points like offer relevancy, and gift receival to add value from the customer’s standpoint.  
  • Prioritize the user experience. Build a user experience to show your commitment to privacy and data protection, and provide a value exchange through personalized content, products, and services. 
  • Fulfill every element of the promises you make. If a user opts out, act on it immediately and ensure no further usage of data in the ways described. 
  • Provide easy and open access to their data through a preference center or trust center. 
  • Allow for granular and customizable control over how data is used.  

How Can OneTrust Help? 

With OneTrust PreferenceChoice, you can manage marketing consent and preference management, plus the first-party data of your customers. Organizations focused on building trust with their audiences leverage our tools to empower customers with choice and transparency to earn trust and fuel loyalty. From the first touchpoint with a consent management platform (CMP) to ongoing communications and preference management with customers, OneTrust offers a full suite of consent and preference management tools to capture, centralize and sync consent, preference and first-party data all in one platform.  

Explore how OneTrust can enable your organization to prioritize consent and preference management: Request a demo. 


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