Highlighting the biggest milestones and enhancements for OneTrust CMP

2021 was a notable year, full of changing regulations and an increased focus on data consent, preferences, privacy, and trust. Through it all, OneTrust has worked diligently to provide solutions that support our customers as they build trust into the core of their business.  

As we enter 2022, numerous factors are disrupting the status quo. Consumers are demanding a new standard of personalization from companies, first-party data is becoming an imperative, and privacy regulations continue to evolve. 

To adapt to this shifting ecosystem, companies need to keep trust and transparency at the forefront of all consumer interactions.  

consent management platform (CMP) can help businesses meet compliance requirements, empower their customers with control over their consent to sharing data, and demonstrate they are respecting their users’ data and preferences across all channels, while delivering personalized experiences that are rooted in privacy-first strategies. 

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Consistently Enhancing and Improving OneTrust CMP 

OneTrust continues to lead the market as the #1 CMP for two years running and is the most widely used consent and preference management platform. Our CMP captures over 450 million consent transactions per day and over 3 billion consent transactions a week. Today, over 750,000 websites and applications leverage our CMP to manage users’ consent and preferences. 

Here are some of the highlights we’re excited to share:  

  • To help customers configure and deploy a user-friendly CMP that follows regulatory guidance, we launched a new wizard that enables companies to set up a cookie banner for one domain within minutes.  
  • Additionally, we released a cookie banner testing feature that enables customers to test their CMP on a live website before publishing it to avoid deployment mistakes and get a better feel for the actual user experience.    
  • As we get closer to the deprecation of third-party cookies in 2023, we are here to empower our customers as they deliver personalization and build trust with our enhanced first-party data solution that supports our holistic consent and preference management offering 
  • OneTrust also partnered with Global Privacy Control (GPC) to help users control their privacy with a browser setting. We are proud to support solutions that respect consumers’ choices and rights.  
  • OneTrust strives to respond to our customers’ needs. We recently built a Mobile App Scanning API to help support CI/CD pipeline for developers and we offer a free website scanner to identify cookies and other tracking technologies on a website. And as always, we offer our full-featured enterprise consent management platform for one domain free, forever 

Next steps on consent management:  

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