New privacy laws give people rights over their data. Whether that’s the right to access, delete or port data, data subject rights have become a new challenge for customer service employees.

As part of the front line, customer service staff must be prepared with the correct knowledge of how to address a range of data subject requests (DSR) under different these regulatory obligations.

How a customer service team handles a DSR can help prevent a loss of customer trust or even a costly fine. This is why we added a new course to the OneTrust Awareness Training library focused specifically on data subject rights for customer service employees.

This OneTrust Awareness Training will help your compliance efforts with demonstrable completion metrics and assist in building a privacy first culture through every level and function of your business.


OneTrust Awareness Training Data Subject Rights for Customer Service Employees

The new Data Subject Rights for Customer Service Employees course addresses the legal requirements and best practices for responding to data subject access requests under laws including the GPDR, CCPA. and LGPD. The course offers customer service staff practical examples of what to do (and what not to do) when a request is received through real life scenarios and interactive course material. It equips your front-line staff with the appropriate knowledge to understand and fulfill data subject access requests.

Deploy this new course directly with OneTrust or integrate the SCORM-compliant files into your existing Learning Management System to build a privacy first culture in your organization. You can also take advantage of over 30 role-based training courses for all functions of an organization available in over 30 languages, as well as content that is continually updated, thanks to the in-depth OneTrust DataGuidance Regulatory Research software, keeping you compliant and ahead of the curve.

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