IAPP-OneTrust Platform helps Organizations Embed Privacy Management Within Their Business Structure

At the IAPP Global Privacy Summit, OneTrust and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) launched Consent and Data Subject Rights 2.0 Platform for IAPP members. The updated platform features solutions to support compliance with global data protection regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive.

As marketing teams prepare for the GDPR, it’s important to have a simple approach to consent management and subject rights management. The platform provides a simple and transparent way for website owners to capture, manage and communicate responses to data subject requests.

The Subject Rights 2.0 Platform for IAPP Members allows users to:

  • Obtain and manage consent
  • Capture, manage and communicate responses to data subjects
  • Scan a website to identify and categorize forms, cookies and tracking technologies
  • Manage visitor consent and preferences with a cookie banner and policy generator
  • Manage internal workflows within the OneTrust tool to assign, fulfill and respond to data subject requests
  • Generate proper documentation of requests and fulfillment in case of inquiry
  • Utilize questionnaires crafted by OneTrust’s in-house privacy research team
  • Meet the record keeping obligations of Art. 30 through data mapping automation

The IAPP-OneTrust Platform simplifies regulatory challenges and helps organizations embed privacy management within their business structure. The platform provides website owners with a transparent mechanism for obtaining and managing consent, as well as a method to capture, manage, and communicate responses to data subject requests. The platform is available for immediate registration and will be showcased live at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit on March 27-28 in Washington, DC.

Visit the IAPP Resource Center to watch a demo of the IAPP- OneTrust Consent and Data Subject Rights Platform.

For more information, read our press release, visit our website or request a live OneTrust Privacy Management Software demo today.