The Automated Data Map: Your Foundation for Privacy, Security, and Governance

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Increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data across an organization’s complex ecosystem creates unique challenges for stakeholders across the business, which if left unchecked, erodes trust in the business, its processes, and stakeholders.  


On the next installment of our Future of Privacy Automation Series, join us for a discussion on scaling visibility into the data across the business to develop insights, accelerate fulfillment of Privacy Rights (DSAR) requests, and support an organization’s broader data governance strategy.  


This webinar will cover:

  • The benefits of an automated data map including: visibility into hidden or unknown systems, increased accuracy, and collaboration with governance and security initiatives 
  • How to get started automating your data map 
  • How to leverage an automated data map as the foundation for other privacy, compliance, and data intelligence initiatives 

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