Data Privacy Day 2021

As we celebrate Data Privacy Day 2021, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on how the privacy landscaped changed due to the introduction of numerous new regulations and guidelines while we faced a global pandemic, and taking a look at the key data protection trends for 2021. 

We’re hosting a range of events in the week leading up to Data Privacy Day on January 28, to discuss the current privacy landscape in your region. 

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Regional Data Privacy Day 2021 Events

2020 bought us a lot of notable changes in the privacy industry, and 2021 promises lots of new developments on the horizon, so we’re hosting a range of regional events, bringing local experts together to discuss the key trends for each region. 

Each panel will dive into the relevant regional laws and recent regulatory updates, as well as discussing the impact of other regulations from around the world including the GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD.  

EMEA Data Privacy Day Panel:  

Americas Data Privacy Day Panel:   

Brazil Data Privacy Day Panel:  

Asia Pacific Data Privacy Day Panel:  

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Put Your Privacy Trivia to the Test

Think you know your stuff when it comes to privacy? Join your local PrivacyConnect community and put your data privacy knowledge to the test in our regional Data Privacy Day trivia events. What’s a competition without prizes? The winners will earn exclusive Data Privacy Day prizes! 

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Register for your Data Privacy Day event to hear the latest discussion on your region’s top privacy topics! Or join your local community chapter for some fun and games to put your privacy knowledge to the test. 

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