Privacy in the year 2020 started off strong with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) coming into effect. Now, Data Privacy Day is here with the sole focus of bringing to light the importance of protecting your online data. As participants of StaySafeOnline’s 2020 Data Privacy Day, we’re excited to go through the history of Data Privacy Day and share some insight into the CCPA.

How Did Data Privacy Begin?

Data Privacy Day started in the United States and in Canada back in 2008. It was meant to be an extension of and is still celebrated throughout the world as a point of leadership in the privacy world.

Data Privacy Day also celebrates the signing of Convention 108. With the goal of strengthening data protection, Convention 108 was signed on January 28, 1981. Convention 108 was the first legally binding international treaty.

Why Does Data Privacy Day Matter?

Data Privacy Day is designed to help people around the world understand their data protection rights and bring awareness to data privacy. Many people don’t know about the dangers of privacy infringement or exposing their data. In order to encourage internet users everywhere to learn about protecting their privacy rights, Data Privacy Day was created.

So how does the CCPA relate to Data Privacy Day?

Data Privacy Day 2020 brings together experts on U.S. and international privacy to dive into the global wave of regulations and what they mean for economies around the world today and into the future. This will include the CCPA since it is the first privacy legislation of its kind within the United States.

In effect as of January 1, 2020, the law is meant to protect California consumers’ personal information and safeguard consumer privacy. The CCPA ensures that organizations provide their consumers with as much information as possible about how their personal information is being collected and used.

Getting Started with the CCPA

If you’re celebrating Data Privacy Day, you might want to kick it off with reading the whitepaper: Getting Started: 5 Steps to Start Your CCPA Compliance Privacy Program. This whitepaper provides practical steps you can take now to prepare for the CCPA and leverage the new law as a stepping stone to build a global privacy program.

Celebrations like Data Privacy Day bring to light a key concern for many organizations: how they will stay up to date on privacy regulations around the world? The answer is complex and will become even more complicated as new privacy regulations are adopted in US states and across the globe. It is important for companies to consider a software solution that can expand and grow with the everchanging privacy regulations.

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