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Putting Your Incident Management Playbook Into Action: Part 6 – Lessons Learned

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Putting Your Incident Management Playbook Into Action: Part 6 – Lessons Learned

Throughout this series, we have explored the steps that make an effective incident management playbook: prepare, investigate, assess, remediate, and notify.  However, once the incident response team has handled a major incident, they should convene to review the processes, assess weaknesses in the response plan, and modify policies and procedures to increase the efficiency of the incident response process. 

Lessons Learned

There are three steps that the incident response team can take to learn valuable lessons once an incident response has concluded, these include: 

  • Performing a root cause analysis 
  • Optimizing your incident response plan  
  • Privacy and security leads applying improvements 

Further resources for incident management: 

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Lessons Learned

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