"OneTrust was the only one we could rely on": Customers put trust at the forefront

From convenience stores and healthcare, to live entertainment and retail: how customers are putting trust at the center of their business

John Ville
OneTrust Senior Director, Content Marketing
May 24, 2022

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The world is moving fast. New levels of digitization have transformed organizations over the past two years, with technologies like AI, machine learning, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain being rapidly deployed. And this has led to customers, employees, investors, and boards prioritizing trust and transparency in their brands, companies, data, and mission.

Take a look at how our customers have made trust the foundation of their business operations.

Jeff Perkins – CEO, ParkMobile

The bane of all city dwellers, parking. ParkMobile knows that commuters trusting their platform is the most important aspect of their business.


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Marc Adelson – SVP, Deputy Chief Legal Officer, Teladoc Health | Hannah Foster – Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, Live Nation Entertainment

When dealing with sensitive health information of millions of people, Teladoc Health knows how important cultivating trust for their customers is, not only in their clinicians, but in their data security too.

Organizing massive events across the world, Live Nation not only prioritizes the trust of their customers attending events but artists that work with them as well. 


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Donna Bucella – Chief Compliance Officer, 7-Eleven

When a company has more than 130,000 employees, following ethical practices and making sure every employee has an avenue to voice complaints without the fear of repercussion is vital to sustaining a healthy work culture. 


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Bringing it all together with a comprehensive Trust Intelligence Platform

How privacy leaders at Walgreens, Parkmobile, Trustpilot, and Live Nation use OneTrust to build a trusted brand experience for their customers and employees. 


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Learn more about The Trust Intelligence platform, here.

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