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Reed Smith LLP Relies on OneTrust DataGuidance for Localized Privacy Law Research to Help Advise Multinational Companies

Reed Smith LLP is a global law firm with more than 1,700 lawyers in 30 offices throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Charmian Aw is Counsel in the firm’s Singapore office and specializes in advising market-leading companies with data protection and technology matters in the evolving and complex landscape of Asia. As data protection and privacy laws begin to mature in Asia, the need for a user-friendly, in-depth research tool has become essential for Charmian and OneTrust DataGuidance provides the solution.  

Reed Smith has a long-established relationship with OneTrust DataGuidance in terms of our lawyers contributing content but also as clients. Other lawyers across our network, not just in Singapore, not just in Asia Pacific, but in the US and Europe all turn to OneTrust DataGuidance.

Charmian Aw

Staying ahead of the curve in Asia Pacific’s evolving privacy landscape 

Privacy legislation in the Asia Pacific region has become an increasingly dynamic space since the advent of the GDPR, which has led many countries to look more closely at their privacy legislation. Charmian explainthat the approach taken in Asia Pacific is not to copy and paste the GDPR but to incorporate appropriate adjustments for the specific requirements of the region.  

Choosing OneTrust DataGuidance Regulatory Research has helped by offering the ability to easily compare requirements across the region through a range of comparison charts relating to specific areas of data protection law, and in-depth guidance notes from over 300 jurisdictions 

OneTrust DataGuidance is a holistic platform because it covers everything and anything I would come across in my work. It has become a huge research tool for me[…] It’s like a research team on standby there to give you the answer.

Charmian Aw

As with any region, privacy is important to the organizations that operate in Asia Pacific. As a result, Charmian needs to be at the forefront of emerging laws, developments, and amendments from the initial consultation stages right the way through to passing in order to keep her clients up to date with the privacy landscape. The DataGuidance Daily News Alerts provides the solution by highlighting global privacy law updates as they happen and help to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to the status of laws yet to pass, something Charmian finds uniquely valuable.  

What I like the most is the daily alerts that I receive from OneTrust DataGuidance is that they are tailored to my preferences. I am able to select the specific areas that I want to receive news updates on, and every day I get an alert that I find really useful to get an overview of developments on the topics I have chosen,” said Charmian. 

Without the availability of the research that OneTrust DataGuidance offers, it would be nearly impossible to keep up to date and up to speed with everything that is happening with Asia Pacific.

Charmian Aw

Saving time and resources while gaining a competitive edge 

Charmian realizes the importance of being able to advise her clients on privacy related matters swiftly and accurately. Through features such as the Global Privacy Directory and other comparison charts available on the OneTrust DataGuidance platform, she can cut down on the time and resources it may otherwise take to do this. The agility that OneTrust DataGuidance provides Reed Smith allows their global network of lawyers to deliver the correct information at speed, something Charmian sees as giving her a competitive advantage by enhancing her reputation as subject matter expert across a range of varied and disparate laws and regulations.  

There are so many countries, different languages and different fragmentations in terms of the sectoral laws and in terms of federal laws and nationwide laws, and because of that a resource like OneTrust DataGuidance becomes imperative.

Charmian Aw

With Guidance Notes in English and documents in their original language being easily accessible, OneTrust DataGuidance helps to provide Charmian with a tool that offers in-depth information on a global scale. “Without DataGuidance my privacy research would be a lot more painful,” said Charmian.  

The quality of content OneTrust DataGuidance produce is very high and is one of those very reliable sources of information on anything that is data related.

Charmian Aw

Reed Smith’s long-lasting relationship with OneTrust DataGuidance has seen many of their lawyers contribute to Guidance Notes, Insight articlesand webinars on the platform, including Charmian. This network of localized contributors, alongside the OneTrust DataGuidance team of 40+ full time, in-house privacy analysts, has led Charmian to be able to rely on the platform to deliver the highest quality materials to help her. And in turn, Reed Smith provides their clients with accurate and in-depth advice on a series of matters within privacy and data protection.  

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