Putting Your Incident Management Playbook Into Action: Part 1 – Prepare

Security incidents and data breaches are quickly becoming a part of everyday life for privacy and security professionals. Having an incident management playbook can help your organization have a strong foundation to work from when these events occur. An incident management playbook helps you to prepare for an incident, define a framework for reporting events, highlighting weaknesses, assigning responsibilities, building response procedures, and collecting evidence. 

Preparing for an Incident

Across this video series, we will look at the key steps that your incident playbook should include and how to put these into action. The first step in the incident management playbook, prepare. 

In this video, we look at the key areas for preparing for an incident including:

  • Building an incident response team 
  • Defining roles, objectives, and goals for each incident response team member 
  • Outlining response plans and timelines for different types of incidents 
  • Building systems for incident reporting
  • Understanding and mapping obligations 

Further resources for Incident management: 

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