With the LGPD effective date sometime within this month, and companies around the globe working to comply with Brazil’s massive new data protection law, OneTrust is committed to serving our customers and partners in Brazil.

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The LGPD grants many new privacy rights to Brazilian data subjects and requires organizations that process personal data to meet data protection obligations. Much like the GDPR or CCPA, complying with the LGPD typically requires major operational and technological updates and changes.

We’ve been working hard to support the Brazil market and be the privacy, security, and data governance platform for LGPD compliance and beyond to the world’s privacy laws and security frameworks.

  • LGPD Fast Track program: Announced last week, our LGPD Fast Track Program gets your implementation up and running in 24 hours.
  • LGPD Research in DataGuidance: We do the research on the LGPD every day to give you insight on the latest with the law and beyond. Stay up to date in the OneTrust DataGuidance dedicated LGPD portal.
  • Extensive Brazilian partner network: OneTrust is proud to partner with Brazil’s leading strategic consulting, law firms, and reseller leaders to give you simplified contracting and in-market support.
  • Local São Paulo office: We’re growing in Brazil! Our new office in São Paulo will give customers access to local sales, engineering, and support resources in Brazil.
  • Brazilian data center: Keep your data within the country with our Brazilian data center, or use it in combination with one of our 10 global data center locations.
  • LGPDConnect: Working from home doesn’t have to be alone – so we’re bringing together the Brazilian privacy community virtually with our series of free, online LGPDConnect events that feature expert panels discussing the latest about the LGPD.
  • ANPD Incident Breach Notification Management: Our technology comes with ANPD breach notification obligations out of the box.
  • Local languages support: Everything we do (including this announcement) is available in Brazilian Portuguese.

If you want to learn how to get your LGPD program going in one day, sign up for our LGPD Fast Track Program. For more information or to request a demo, visit OneTrust.com or OneTrust.com/BR.