Get your LGPD implementation on the fast track with OneTrust’s new program! With a range of resources and services, OneTrust is here to help your organization implement its LGPD compliance program. With OneTrust’s LGPD Same Day Fast Track Program you can get started immediately: access pre-configured LGPD workflows and templates, our full LGPD setup guide, register for an implementation webinar with Q&A, and get certified with our data subject rights online certification.

Fast Track your LGPD implementation today with OneTrust [English & Portuguese]

As the most comprehensive data privacy regulation to be passed since the GDPR, the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (LGPD) will have an impact around the world. The LGPD governs the processing of person data in Brazil and will safeguard individuals’ fundamental rights of freedom, privacy, and the free development of personality. The LGPD introduces a range of new rights for data subjects in Brazil, including the right to access and delete their personal data, and also establishes new obligations for organizations processing personal data, such as adhering to privacy principles and keeping records of processing activities.

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While the exact LGPD effective date is a moving target, compliance remains a top priority for organizations in Brazil and those that have a process personal data from Brazil. OneTrust is here to help organizations build their programs and shape their processes to comply with the law’s requirements.

Organizations can get the resources and support needed to start a smooth implementation with OneTrust’s LGPD Same Day Fast Track Program. Get same day access to OneTrust’s resources to help your organization accelerate the timescale of your LGPD compliance. The tools include:

  • Same day access to your cloud environment, with your choice of hosting location (Brazil, Europe, United States, etc.)
  • Built-in templates and pre-configured workflows specific to the LGPD
  • Access to our full LGPD setup guide, product training, and Q&A forums
  • Certification with OneTrust’s Privacy Management Professional certification program
  • Implementation webinars and Q&A with OneTrust Certified Privacy Management Professionals, as well as our local Brazilian OneTrust implementation partners

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