OneTrust is excited to join Snowflake’s Data Governance Accelerated Program to enable Snowflake users to better understand and govern their data through our advanced data governance technologyOneTrust and Snowflake users are now better able to realize their privacy, security, and governance objectives by leveraging our integrated apps. 

Watch the Webinar: Snowflake and OneTrust: Integrated Data Governance for Your Enterprise Data 

Organizations have access to more data now than ever before and innovative technologies allow organizations to do more with this data. Yet many struggle to balance the effective use of the data to meet business objectives while ensuring the broader privacy, security, and regulatory requirements are met. To manage this volume of data organizations must leverage an effective data governance solution.  

OneTrust’s DataDiscovery integrates seamlessly with Snowflake to enhance the way data engineers and data scientists connect, scan, identify and protect sensitive data.  In turn, this helps companies not only manage regulatory requirements but also govern data on a larger scale. In addition to this, customers are able to define data masking policies to protect sensitive data using the Snowflake Dynamic Data Masking capability and apply Snowflake’s Row Level Access Security based on OneTrust’s Consent and Preference Management records.

Through this integration, mass classification is easily achieved and customers are able to align classification tags across data platforms. Businesses no longer have to worry about privacy, visibility, or manually classifying data as it is automatically managed through this integration. Data analysts are also able to view and leverage this data on a granular level to support business functions. Customers can leverage the OneTrust DataDiscovery and Snowflake integration to enrich data and simplify data protection. 

With OneTrust DataDiscovery and Snowflake,  customers can do even more on Snowflake’s single, integrated platform including: 

  • Using OneTrust Data Discovery technology to better understand, classify and catalog different types of data found in Snowflake including sensitive data, PII, and other critical data 
  • Integrating OneTrust with Snowflake to map data tags across platforms 
  • Identifying at-risk data and integrating with Snowflake native features such as Dynamic Data Masking to better support compliance for global regulations such as CCPA, CPRA, LGPD and GDPR 
  • Integrating OneTrust Consent and Preference Management and apply row level access security to govern how data is used  

Watch the Webinar: Snowflake and OneTrust: Integrated Data Governance for Your Enterprise Data 

By joining Snowflake’s Data Governance Accelerated Program OneTrust and Snowflake customers have the opportunity to raise the bar when it comes to data management.  Learn how OneTrust and Snowflake can support you on your journey to becoming a more trust organization and enhance your data governance program today, request a demo today!  

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