A good data governance strategy has become key as data governance teams quickly become central in the shift towards data-driven business models. The ever-changing regulatory landscape coupled with a need to maintain and govern a clear and accurate view into the vast quantities of data that organizations store makes good data governance a challenge. Specialized data governance tools can help find, categorize, and enrich data but for this to be effective a good data governance strategy must be implemented first.

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How to Build an Effective Data Governance Strategy

There are several factors of good data governance that can assist organizations in driving business value and building data intelligence. However, embedding a strong strategy from the outset of your governance program can help to harness the hidden potential of your data and make trust a competitive advantage across the organization.

In this video we have outlined 5 top tips for an effective data governance strategy:

Understanding your data is obviously a foundational component for data governance programs. In order to affect real data intelligence, promote data democratization, and derive valuable business insights a strong strategy needs to be in place. Request a demo to see how OneTrust DataGovernance can help find and effectively govern quality, compliant data that drives business value.

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Next steps on building an effective data governance strategy:

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