2022 Modernizing Marketing Strat...
2022 Modernizing Marketing Strategy Seri...

2022 Modernizing Marketing Strategy Series: Oracle & OneTrust

Oracle and OneTrust Provide Strategic Guidance to Build a Powerful Marketing Strategy in 2022

Ashlea Cartee Product Marketing Manager, OneTrust

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It’s 2022, and your customers demand transparency, convenience, relevance, and value. Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned with protecting their personal data. At the same time, they demand more personalized experiences.  

On the privacy front, regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA and frameworks such as IAB TCF have dramatically changed the digital privacy landscape — for the better. They set the standard for providing transparency and choices for how data is used and shared with third parties. 

And not to mention, third-party cookies are going away at the end of the year, causing marketers to define a new strategy for personalization.  

These industry drivers create a challenge for brands and publishers to respect customers’ privacy while also capturing consent, driving opt-ins, and delivering compelling user experiences. What’s the solution for companies to bring privacy and personalization together through transparency, choice, and trust?  

Building a Modern Marketing Strategy

Oracle and OneTrust are teaming up to provide strategic guidance for building a powerful marketing strategy in 2022. Customer-centric marketing organizations now need to leverage an evolved set of capabilities that power empathetic and relevant brand experiences and ultimately build trust. The three critical pillars brands need to focus on are: data transparency, data collection, and ethical data activation. 

How to honor privacy choices to build trust:  

  • Data Transparency: Learn how companies that invest in privacy and consent management are seeing near double the returns on that investment.   
  • Data Collection: Learn what your company can do to improve and increase their data collection efforts.    
  • Ethical Data Activation: Explore how you can effectively communicate how the consent, data and preferences you’ve captured is reflected and honored across your platforms.  

A holistic roadmap incorporates all three by building from a foundation of properly enriched first-party data and activating that data with a connected and future-proof technology strategy, all informed by and pressure-tested against marketing and data ethics. In this blog post series, we’ll dive into these three pillars in detail and provide a starting point for CMOs to build and execute a marketing capabilities roadmap. 

Stay tuned for the rest of the series that will highlight each of the key pillars!  

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