4 Questions with OneTrust’s Ch...
4 Questions with OneTrust’s Chief Mark...

4 Questions with OneTrust’s Chief Marketing Officer & Tech Trailblazer, Lisa Campbell

Get to know our visionary, “trail-blazing” CMO


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We’re excited to share that Lisa Campbell, OneTrust’s Chief Marketing Officer, has been recognized by AdMonsters as a 2022 Tech Trailblazer at their Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards. The annual awards ceremony honors women who are “making an impact in the greater digital media and advertising technology community.”  

To congratulate Lisa on this noteworthy recognition, we sat down with her to learn about her journey to becoming a “Tech Trailblazer” and why it’s important to build trust.  

Congratulations on your award win! What do you think it means to be a Tech Trailblazer? 

Thank you! I’m excited to be honored alongside this group of talented and accomplished women. In my experience, people who are “blazing the trails” in the tech industry are stewards of innovation. In an industry characterized by rapid invention and unprecedented development, it can be easy to think that innovation is just a byproduct.  

Today’s trailblazers embrace an innovation mindset, they are constantly learning from others, are agile enough to pivot when needed, embrace feedback, connect thoughts and ideas from across the industry or organization, and apply the same re-invention approach to their own processes and practices. This ability to disrupt the status quo shouldn’t happen in a vacuum. Meaningful innovation takes into account impact on people and the planet. 

By definition, a trailblazer is someone who creates a new path where one doesn’t yet exist. Recently at TrustWeek, OneTrust blazed new trails by unveiling our new Trust Intelligence Platform and launching an entirely new software category – Trust Intelligence – dedicated to solving today’s critical business challenges around trust and transparency.  

What are the biggest challenges you’re hearing from customers today? What is driving companies to invest in trust? 

Data shows trust is at an all-time low 

Multiple trends are converging and influencing the way people choose who to buy from, work for, and invest in, requiring brands to reassess how they measure success. Companies are faced with several challenges in this evolving landscape from increasing privacy regulations, rapid technology innovation, and shifting consumer expectations when it comes to transparency and data control. Trust is becoming the gold standard, yet leaders need a way to understand, measure, and manage trust.  

Through conversations with customers, we know trust is an ongoing journey requiring constant investment not just in technologies, but processes and people. By building cultures and operations rooted in trust, organizations can strengthen relationships with employees, attract talent, increase stakeholder confidence, collaborate with credible partners and vendors, and meet the new standard of customer loyalty.  

What is the CMO’s role in building trust? 

Trust is shown to drive increased brand reputation and financial benefits. Marketing teams are now at the frontline of the trust reckoning, as it becomes more difficult to secure brand loyalty. 

The role of the CMO in building a trusted company is critical, and it evolves every day with the changing marketing landscape. For example, in 2023, marketers will have to face the deprecation of third-party cookies and embrace first-party data strategies. The demand for privacy, transparency, and choice will only continue to grow and marketers and advertisers must shift their approach to stay relevant.  

Marketing teams are now collaborating with privacy and data management teams to design user-centric, privacy-first experiences – driving the virtuous cycle of data. By creating transparent customer experiences, companies can build trusted relationships with customers who will be more willing to share their data in the future. With more data, marketers can drive personalization to enhance the user experience. At the same time, brands can demonstrate integrity by honoring customer’s choices and privacy preferences.  

While companies work toward larger trust transformations, CMOs must collaborate across the c-suite with CPOs, CISOs, CDOs, CFOs, Chief Sustainability Officers, and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officers to make trust by design the norm.  

What’s one myth about trust you’d like to debunk? 

There’s a notion that organizations must choose between financial success and creating a positive impact on people and planet. Much to the contrary, the ability to grow your business and do good for society are not mutually exclusive. What is good for society is good for business. 

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