OneTrust Ethics

Streamline Your Ethics & Compliance Program with a Centralized Solution

OneTrust Ethics empowers organizations to operationalize and automate ethics & compliance programs to comply with regulations, manage risk, and build a more ethical culture.​

OneTrust Ethics & Compliance​

Culture & Engagement

Engage, educate, and empower employees to create an ethical culture in your organization

Risk Management

Identify, manage, and mitigate ethics & compliance risk with automated workflows and tasks that streamline your teams’ workload

Data-Driven Insights

Stay informed on regulatory updates and use real-time reports and dashboards to make informed decisions

Create an Ethical Culture Within Your Organization

  • Empower employees with tools and resources they need to create a more ethical company culture
  • Centrally draft, edit, and publish your Code of Conduct and keep track of employee attestations
  • Automate the intake and review process for conflicts of interest, gifts & entertainment, and other disclosures
  • Leverage interactive e-learning courses to increase organizational awareness
  • Provide secure, confidential, and easily-accessible reporting channels for whistleblowers

Manage Ethics & Compliance Risk

  • Automatically identify and manage employee-based risk through dynamic disclosure forms
  • Leverage dynamic supplier assessments to enhance third-party due diligence
  • Collaborate with team members to mitigate identified risk with flexible workflows, comments, assigned subtasks, deadlines
  • Effectively conduct investigations with a 360-degree view of the risk certain individuals and third-parties pose to your organization
  • Understand ethics & compliance risk in the context of your enterprise risk management with an integrated platform

Improve Over Time Through Data-Driven Insights

  • Instantly understand trends across your organization, or drill down into the source data to closely investigate individual employees, risks, disclosures, and investigations.
  • Present your case for strategic initiatives, efficiently demonstrate compliance to regulators, and deep-dive into the details to quickly accomplish your day-to-day tasks.
  • Inspect the record details with links that take you back to the source, helping you investigate individuals, disclosures, and ethics incidents in-depth.
  • Instantly download excel or PDF reports, schedule reports to be sent out on regular basis, and seamlessly integrate with other tools to amplify ethics data across your enterprise systems.

See How OneTrust Can Help Operationalize Your Ethics & Compliance Program

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Ethics & Compliance Products​

Code of Conduct & Policy Management

Manage your codes of conduct across different stakeholders, business units, and languages

Awareness Training

Promote an ethical culture across your business with a flexible training platform​

Conflict of Interest & Disclosures

Prevent bribery and conflicts of interest by monitoring and disclosures across your business​

Whistleblower Hotline & Case Management

Empower whistleblowers and investigate incidents across your business​

Third-Party Due Diligence

Automate due diligence processes to know which third parties are safe to do business with​

Make Trust a Competitive Advantage

The most successful Ethics & Compliance programs are integrated. Learn how OneTrust helps bring Ethics, Compliance, Privacy, Security, and Data Governance into a single platform for Trust

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