OneTrust is excited to announce that we have partnered with ServiceNow, a cloud-based platform with solutions that deliver digital workflows to unlock productivity, to launch OneTrust for ServiceNow. Available today in the ServiceNow app store, OneTrust for ServiceNow provides a unique opportunity for privacy and security teams to work together in an integrated platform.

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As the global privacy landscape continues to evolve, privacy and security teams are working closely together now more than ever. OneTrust for ServiceNow allows these teams to integrate efforts without duplicating work done within the individual systems.

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The GDPR and other global privacy laws require companies to maintain records of inventory for apps and systems that collect or process personal data. Many of these assets are already tracked in ServiceNow, but may not have all the privacy-specific information required by GDPR, such as hosting locating. OneTrust for ServiceNow conveniently bridges together these systems.

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OneTrust for ServiceNow provides privacy and security teams with:

  • CMBD Business Application Synchronization: Apps in ServiceNow CMBD can be automatically synced to OneTrust for data mapping and asset inventory purposes.
  • Data Subject Rights Delegation: Data subject requests entered into OneTrust will automatically create a ticket within ServiceNow and OneTrust’s Data Subject Rights (DSAR) module will maintain a complete audit trail for record keeping requirements.
  • Incident and Breach Response Integration: If an incident received in ServiceNow includes personal data or other privacy-related elements, OneTrust will be automatically triggered.
  • Self-Service Portal Integration: OneTrust privacy tasks can be started within ServiceNow. The self-service portal enables security teams to start privacy tasks within ServiceNow with single sign-on into OneTrust.

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