We have just hit over 5,000 professionals who have attended one of our 10 OneTrust Certification Program courses, from Assessments to Vendor Risk, to Consent and everything in between. To celebrate that milestone and acknowledge the hard work of privacy and risk professionals everywhere, we are extending the OneTrust Certification Program for free through the end of 2020 and are adding new dates.

That’s right: we’re keeping our online courses free of charge so you can earn the most widely recognized privacy technology certification at no cost to you.

We also launched a brand-new certification for the high achievers: the OneTrust Fellow of Privacy Technology. To be eligible for this high designation, you must complete all 10 OneTrust Certification courses, pass the exams, and be able to demonstrate at least a years’ experience in privacy operations or hold an IAPP CIPP certification.

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What is the OneTrust Certification Program?

 The OneTrust Certification program enables privacy and security professionals across the globe to achieve the most widely recognized privacy technology certification for free. These live, instructor-led online courses give attendees the opportunity to learn how to build better privacy, security, and data governance programs on the OneTrust platform.

The OneTrust Certification Program includes two-course tracks: Professional and Expert. OneTrust Professional classes review the full OneTrust suite of products, while Expert courses dive deep into a specific OneTrust module. OneTrust added new courses, including:

  • OneTrust Professional Certification (covering the entire OneTrust platform, available in English, French, and Portuguese)
  • Assessment Automation Expert Certification 
  • Targeted Data Discovery Expert Certification
  • Data Subject Requests Expert Certification 
  • Data Mapping Expert Certification
  • Vendor Risk Management Expert Certification
  • Website Scanning & Cookies Consent Expert Certification
  • Consent & Preference Management Expert Certification
  • Incident Response Management Expert Certification
  • GRC Solutions Expert Certification

All of the courses are live, instructor-led, available online, and are completely free of charge. Those who complete course exams can earn official certificates.

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What is the OneTrust Fellow of Privacy Technology?

The OneTrust Fellow of Privacy Technology is an exclusive certification available only to those who pass all 10 OneTrust Certification program courses. Fellows must also have a year of privacy operations experience or have passed the IAPP CIPP exam. The OneTrust Fellow of Privacy Technology is our highest designation, and this elite group will earn a special certification and recognition from OneTrust. 

If you think you qualify for the OneTrust Fellow of Privacy Technology, email [email protected]

Why Get OneTrust Certified? 

OneTrust offers the most widely recognized privacy technology training out there. You will join the OneTrust Certified ranks and get a deep understanding of the OneTrust program and learn how to build privacy, security, and data governance programs that last. 

When we started the OneTrust Certification courses, we knew we wanted to help out the privacy and security professionals during the COVID-19 period. The response has been overwhelming: more than 5,000 professionals across the globe have completed a OneTrust Certification course. 

What can I do now?

If you or someone you know is ready to sign up for the OneTrust Certification Program and earn your OneTrust Fellow of Privacy Technology certification, visit our website.

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