As part of a series of announcements during TrustWeek, OneTrust’s annual user conference, we are excited to introduce OneTrust DataGovernance!

The privacy industry has put data on the map like never before with increased visibility in the boardroom as well as news headlines. As a result, many organizations are using privacy best practices as the starting point to broaden their data governance programs.

With OneTrust DataGovernance, organizations can expand beyond personal data and build the foundation for a bridge from compliance and risk reduction to true business value and competitive differentiation.

What is OneTrust DataGovernance?
OneTrust DataGovernance is the latest product offering in the OneTrust software suite. From initial data discovery to driving business insights, OneTrust DataGovernance helps you centralize and automate your data governance program. The data governance software is designed to help data governance, analytics, IT, and technology teams know their data, the laws and policies that apply to their data, and how to use that information to provide business value and demonstrate compliance.

To learn more register for TrustWeek or register for the webinar: Beyond Personal Data: Expanding Privacy Best Practices with OneTrust DataGovernance 

What makes OneTrust DataGovernance unique?
OneTrust already supports various methods of data governance as part of the comprehensive OneTrust Privacy, Security, and Governance platform, but we are expanding beyond this with our new data governance software. Key products include:

  • OneTrust DataDiscoveryTM: Find IT systems and discover all types of data, beyond metadata, for increased accuracy
  • Data Classification: Classify and categorize data with added tags and other insights to better understand data; analyze and enrich with AI and ML models
  • Data Catalog: Take advantage of a central view of your data assets, manage meta-data, and maintain data dictionaries and glossaries, creating the bridge between compliance and business value
  • Data Usage & Access Governance: Manage data usage requests from the business and automate data access to corresponding data sets
  • Data Retention & Deletion: Manage and enforce retention policies and data deletion for compliance, powered by DataGuidance regulatory research
  • Data Lineage: Visualize data flows, relationships, and dependencies across your IT infrastructure and your data governance program

How does OneTrust DataGovernance fit into the broader OneTrust platform?
OneTrust DataGovernance integrates across the entire OneTrust platform and powers different use cases and data governance obligations across an organization. Users can embed initiatives from evolving privacy and security standards into their data governance operations to provide business value and demonstrate compliance.

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To learn more register for TrustWeek or register for the webinar: Beyond Personal Data: Expanding Privacy Best Practices with OneTrust DataGovernance taking place on Thursday, October 29 at 11:00 am EDT / 3:00 pm GMT. To read all of our TrustWeek news, check out our blog.