The moment we’ve all been waiting for, the TrustWeek 2022 Award Winners have been announced! The OneTrust team came together to recognize our bright and talented customers across privacy, security, ethics, ESG, and overall trust.   

After reviewing a diverse range of nominations our leadership team was tasked with a tough job of selecting five award winners from the following categories: 

  • Trust Champion of the Year Award 
  • Data Steward of the Year   
  • Cybersecurity Team of the Year  
  • Global Corporate Citizen Impact Award  
  • Business for a Better World Award  

Learn more about what the TrustWeek 2022 Award Winners are doing to shake up their industries and disciplines on their journey to trust.  

2022 Trust Champion of the Year – Pieter Van Der Walt, Discovery Limited 

The Trust Champion of the Year Award honors an individual that partnered with OneTrust to take a comprehensive approach to trust. By weaving privacy, security, ethics, and ESG into the fabric of their organization to better serve their customers, employees, team members, stakeholders, and global community. 

This year’s Trust Champion of the Year is Dr. Pieter van der Walt, Group Information Governance & Privacy Officer at Discovery Limited a pioneering force in the shared-value insurance field whose purpose is to protect and enhance the lives of their customers. Dr. van der Walt works tirelessly to harmonize their existing business practices with information governance and data privacy frameworks to support Discovery and the communities they serve.  

Dr. van der Walt is a lifelong learner, who is committed to expanding his knowledge. Whether that is learning more about global laws or expanding his knowledge of the OneTrust platform, to date he has participated in 14 OneTrust Certification courses! He is never shy to share his findings with others and you may have even heard him speak at one of our Connect events or certifications, once or twice. We thank Dr. van der Walt for his contributions to building trust and protecting the data of the customers Discovery Limited serves.  

2022 Data Steward of the Year – Troy Lorents, W.L. Gore Associates  

A true data steward is willing to go beyond the compliance call of duty to protect their organization’s data. They know that a strong privacy program has the potential to transform organizations and business operations to serve the people behind the data. The Data Steward of the Year Award recognizes an individual that infused privacy and data governance into all aspects of their business to build a culture of trust.   

Troy Lorents from W.L. Gore Associates is our 2022 Data Steward of the Year. Troy has been described as a OneTrust leader at Gore and the OneTrust module configurations are used as a model for other OneTrust customers and prospects. Not only is Troy an exemplary customer, but he is also a thoughtful, agile, and organized leader who challenges the Gore team to think through every detail and scenario when it comes to privacy related decision making without losing momentum. Troy isn’t all work and no play though. Mitch from our Technical Account Management team has described the Gore team as a “very fun group of people to work with.”   

2022 Cybersecurity Team of the Year – Bill Kilgallon, Heather Harkins, Brian Bravard, Kroger 

Cybersecurity is critical. According to RiskIQ research cyber-crime costs organizations $2.9 million every minute, and major businesses lose $25 per minute as a result of data breaches. It’s no wonder why it’s more important than ever to assemble a top-notch cybersecurity team. 

The award for Cybersecurity Team of the Year goes to Bill Kilgallon, Heather Harkins, and Brian Bravard from Kroger for their commitment to risk management and cybersecurity. This all-star team takes a bold approach to adapting the OneTrust tool to meet their needs while maintaining a firm grasp on their data and trends. Bill, Heather, and Brian are a proactive team and always look several steps ahead to identify ways to mitigate risk and protect their customers, employees, and stakeholders. This team is a pleasure to work with, “no matter how stressful a situation gets, they keep their heads, and even find time to laugh.” 

2022 Global Corporate Citizen Impact AwardBill Underwood, Best Buy 

Brands have the power to create real change through their internal practices. This takes a commitment to quality, ethics, and seeing regulatory compliance as more than a check the box exercise. Because impact isn’t just about the business that you do but the way you do business. 

The 2022 Global Corporate Citizen Impact Award is awarded to Bill Underwood, Senior Director, Global Compliance & Ethics at Best Buy. Bill’s team has shown a tremendous commitment to ethics and compliance. By working with OneTrust’s team they built a robust internal whistleblowing program where all employees are encouraged to speak up.  Through their conscientious leadership, his team makes the world a better place through Best Buy’s internal practices.

2022 Business for a Better World Award – Javier Miranda and Philippe Schuler, Too Good to Go 

Climate change is one of the greatest threats our global community is facing. Many organizations are responding to this threat by radically shifting their business model to incorporate meaningful changes that will impact generations to come.  

The winner of the 2022 Business for a Better World Award is Too Good to Go, a mobile app that helps reduce food waste by connecting customers to stores and restaurants that have unsold food. Too Good to Go truly embodies what it means to be a sustainable organization and their holistic approach to sustainability helped them meet their reduction targets as well as create ways to engage their employees around the world.  

Thank You to Our TrustWeek 2022 Award Winners 

That’s all for this year’s TrustWeek 2022 Awards. OneTrust is proud to partner with these inspiring organizations on their journey to trust.  

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