We’re excited to announce OneTrust Cookie Auto-BlockingTM, dramatically reducing the time it takes to implement a OneTrust cookie banner on your website. With no extra coding or integrations required and built directly into the OneTrust platform, OneTrust Cookie Auto-Blocking detects and blocks third-party tracking technologies on your website until the visitor has provided consent through your OneTrust banner.

As we race towards the CCPA’s Jan. 1 deadline, organizations are struggling to implement cookie compliance, and many have determined that “opt-out of sale” also includes the use of advertising related trackers and cookies. According to the GDPR and several other regulations, consent is not required for strictly necessary cookies. However, all other cookies must be blocked until the visitor accepts the consent notice. 

Take the time to implement from days to minutes 

Traditional cookie blocking requires time consuming development and integrations, but with OneTrust’s Cookie Auto-Blocking technology, organizations will receive zero code website compliance and same day deployment.

OneTrust Cookie Auto-Blocking eliminates the need for time consuming development and tag manager integrations found in traditional manual blocking; taking the time to implement from days to minutes. 

Customers can get started in three easy steps:

  1. Scan Your Website & Categorize Cookies  
  2. Select Your Consent Model(s)  
  3. Publish and Add OneTrust Script to Your Website  

 How It Works: 

Join OneTrust’s CCPA Cookie Consent Webinar Series   

Want to learn more on how you need to manage cookie consent prior to the CCPA 2020 deadline? Register today for OneTrust’s CCPA Cookie Consent Webinar Series. Our experts will cover:  

To make sure all questions are answered we will be hosting this webinar every few days throughout the next few weeks.  

Register today for OneTrust’s CCPA Cookie Consent Webinar Series and get started today with OneTrust Cookie Auto-Blocking